Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Intrests of the week:01

I'm hoping to do a brief segment about books and blogs I find intresting and helpful to people in the club. We'll see how it goes but here's WK1!

ANATOMY A complete Guide for Artists By: Joseph Sheppard
This book goes indepth into the different parts of the human body, starting with the skeleton all the way up to facial structure. There are over 300 detailed drawings of anatomy made for artists. This is a great book to do studies from and for reference. This book is used in several drawing classes and is just a great tool to have.
Used Price: 5.98$
Rating: 9/10

Inspector Cleuzo
Sandro Cleuzo is a freelance Animator living in Brazil currently and is currently working on 'The Princess and the Frog'. He regularly posts alot of his personal Character Designs and samples of the work that he does. His designs are so interesting to look at and very inspiring. Do check him out.

The Cat Piano
An 8 minute short film directed by Eddie White and Ari Gibson. The short is based on a poem written by Eddie White and narrated by Nick Cave. It tells the story of a Cat Inhabited City were felines are being picked of by a shadowy figure looking to make a sinister musical instrement. The animation is superb and highly detailed and stylized. I love the use of the drasticallly different color palletes used through out the film.
Run Time: 8:33 MIN
Rating: 9.5/10

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