Thursday, July 23, 2009


OK! SO! A tutorial on shooting your animation:

Open up Adobe Premier 6.5 from the START menu. It will come up with a prompt asking for settings...just press doesn't matter. Open the FILE menu and go down to CAPTURE > STOP MOTION. On this window there should be a "start" button and a "done" button. If these buttons are not showing, go to the STOP MOTION menu and click CAPTURE OPTIONS. Change the capture type to Manual Capture. Click "OK". You may either use your mouse or use the space bar. Click once, the script at the bottom of the window should turn red. This means you are ready to capture. Continue to click the button or space bar for your drawings. When you have finished, click done. Another window will pop up with your animation in it. Exit out of it and click "YES" because you DO want to save it. Make sure you know where you are saving the file. I choose the Desktop because it's the easiest to access. Minimize Premier and you may proceed to view your animation. WOOHOOOOO!
If you have any questions, let me know.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Weekly Fun Stuff

I hope you all are checking out this blog each week. Keep an eye out for any updates as they could be the most amazing thing in the world.

So this week, we're hoping you guys will spend a bit of time and surf the web each bring and bring One (1) artist and One (1) animation you guys find to club each Thursday. This is just to get us all looking at other peoples work, which is always a good way to learn and improve. And it's fun. We get to learn what we each like and what others like as well.

This week, I showed you guys a couple of things:

You all should check this guy's stuff out. He's a frequent poster on and his work is really amazing.

Low Oxygen
A beautiful short from a guy down at Calarts. That link is also his art blog, something we encourage you guys to get and use.

We'll update a post that is just a link of art blogs/personal art sites we all come across and want to share. Same goes with animations we find.

-Lisa. Over and Out
Hey all, this Chad.

This weeks animation is a continuation of the bouncing ball. You had Lisa's awesome lecture on spacing, timing and such. Try to incorporate that into this animation. Play with the ball. Experiment. What happens if I slow the movement down here, or speed it up here. Remember to PLAN OUT YOUR MOVEMENT before you start drawing the ball. That movement path is very important to keeping your animation smooth and consistent.

ALSO! Sketchbook pages. Do 2-3 pages of spheres. This exercise is to help you see that 2-D plane and see it as 3-D space. Remember to start light until you have the shape you want, then pin it down with the darker line, Colin, I'm watching you.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This is the beginning of Summer quarter in '09. I'm really excited about it and I hope everyone learns a lot from what we are about it do.

You heard me say this already, but I'd like to start by saying that everyone should start their own sketchblog and post on it as much as possible. We only get better with practice.
Next, our assignment as of right now is to draw 5 pages of spheres. Manipulate them as much as you can. Squish them, twist them, smash them, drip them, punch them, love them. Remember to draw the cross hairs to give it depth and to just start drawing loosely then once you get the form you want, pin it down with a solid line. NO SPACE LEFT ON THE PAPER!

ALSO! I'm going to the zoo on Saturday. I can get 5 people in for half price, which with tax is about $8.50. Let me know if you want to come. It's a good way to build up your drawing skills and get a head start on life drawing. Email me -


P.S. Some good places to get supplies are:
Dick Blick
Cartoon Supplies
Specifically for Animation pencils

Fearless Leader


Aren't you supposed to be like...posting things?


-Katie :D