Monday, October 26, 2009

Book-Blog-Short WK2

The Simpsons Handbook by: Matt Groening
This How-To book is over 130 pages of nothing but how to draw characters from the Classic show 'The Simpsons'. It does a break down into each character and how they are designed. The Simpsons Handbook is much more than a how to draw them. It's a cornucopia of excellent character design, with sections on backgrounds and props as well. There are atleast 10-40 drawings per page, along with color illunstrations and a step by step cell at the end. This is an excellent book to get even in your not a Simpsons fan but are very intrested in Character Design.
Rating: 10/10
Used Price: 4.49$ (I found my copy at a Borders in the Bargen Books Section for 5.99$)

Kekai Kotaki Cake Mix
Kekai graduated from AiS in 2002 and works at Arena Net on Guild Wars 2 as one of the lead Concept Artists. Not only is his blog full of beautiful concept art, but it also has many links to other great artists. He's often a guest at PAX and other conventions, this year giving away and signing copies of the Art of Guild Wars 2 books at PAX. He is a fanominal digital painter and master of concept work.

Ghost of Stephen Foster
Winner of the 1999 Vancover Animation Festival and directed by Raymond Persi and Matthew Nastuk, The Ghost of Stephen Foster is a throw back to old school animation. Completely in black and white, everything about this is amazing. It's also the subtle animation thats in everything that just really sells it. It's worth watching more than once, because you'll see new things each time.

Let me know if you guys are liking this and any suggestions you guys might have.

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